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3 Nuggets from the First Trips of the Summer

Earlier this month, I traveled to Murfreesboro, Tennessee to train three groups of teachers. I spent the days training awesome groups of k, 1, 2, and special education teachers. LOVED IT!

But each evening as I returned to my hotel room, I found myself working until midnight. UGH! On the second night, I commented to my husband, “I wish one night I could just come back to the hotel and relax; or go out and see the sites in Tennessee.” In true husband fashion, he reminded me “That’s called a vacation.”

I was there to work! Oh yeah, I forgot. The thing is, when I travel I like to pretend I am foot loose and fancy free- even if I do work all day. Just give me the nights!

Since that trip, I’ve been to Shephardstown, West Virginia and tomorrow I leave for Columbus, Ohio. I had a free night in Shephardstown so I enjoyed resting and mindless tv. It was quite a gift to my weary body. But when I returned home, it was already time to plan for Ohio. As I prepped for Ohio, I reflected on the two previous trips and 3 life nuggets came out of those experiences. Check ’em out. I bet you’ll see ways you can use these thoughts too.

Life nugget #1=set your expectations realistically based on the ebb and flow of life

1st-I realized that before I left for the Tennessee trip, I was involved in one of the great transitions of the year. School was ending and summer was starting. What this means around my home is  a lot of time is spent moving things from one place to the other. Changing from winter to summer in routine, bed times, activities… therefore, when I was packing and preparing for Tennessee I was also packing my classroom, unpacking things I brought home, and preparing for the end of year celebrations both for my students and for my son’s teachers. In essance, there was a lot of moving and shifting going on. I wasn’t able to prepare for all the intricacies of the trip. I knew that I’d be prepping on the way to Tennessee and I “judged” myself as not having “it all together.”

Life nugget #2=helping someone else is worth it- even if it costs you a little fun

2nd- On the one night that I thought I would go out and see Nashville, I was asked to do an extra assignment by the sales representative for Tennessee. I agreed to do the assignment- there went Nashville… But, I thought doing the extra assignment might help me in the long run. It could. Additionally, doing that assignment truly helped prepare me for my own training. So the time spent on the assignment ended up being beneficial to me. I din’t make it to Nashville that night, but I helped myself while helping someone else.

Life nugget #3=listen to your body, honor it, and get rest when it tells you to

3rd- After the night of the extra assignment, I had one night left. Since I felt the extra assignment had helped me prepare for my own training, I figured I’d go to Nashville, see the sites, and hear some music. Afterward, I would return to my hotel and finish my prep work. I had dinner with my colleagues and felt a lot of fatigue. However, I made the short drive to Nashville, found where the nightlife was happening, drove around the block two times, and … got back on the highway heading for my hotel. After sitting in the car for the drive I had realized, I was too tired to get out of the car.

Easy enough, eh? These aren’t hard principles to grasp, but they can be difficult to remember in the midst of living life.

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