Am I old enough?

Am I really old enough to have a son who is driving? On the first day I sat in the passenger seat as the “experienced driver” I looked in the mirror on the visor and I thought to myself, “This means I’m the old one here.” What a shock to my young system! How can

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playing in a traveling band…

Another part of my life in the fast lane is my weekly trips to visit my mother- AKA “Grandma.” She has recently moved into an assisted living facility due to stroke and the onset of Alzheimer’s. I believe she is doing rather well in her new home, but I feel like a member of a

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today’s issues

Nothing can disrupt your “norm” like problems with a child. My youngest child is really struggling with school right now. I want to make it right for him. Our new “norm” will now include time digging into the problems to find out how to help him learn. There will not be a band aid that

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