Congenial or Collegial?

We’re talking this month about being a member of a professional learning community. Think about what that means: “professional learning community.” In every team there is a place for camaraderie, but the objective of a learning community is for teachers to work together in the spirit of growth that ultimately enhances student performance. I have

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“There’s pink milk today!”

Even though we had two days off this week and a two hour “snow” delay (in South Carolina, if you get a flurry you get a two hour snow delay), I actually managed to get some real teaching done in my kindergarten class. I had expected major distractions just because of all the “off” time

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Carrot, egg, or coffee? The choice is Yours.

I have been through some of the “ups and downs” of standardized testing. Some schools are intense about testing; almost bordering on putting testing above children. Other schools desire the best results, but make it known that these results will not come at the expense of the students. Interestingly, no matter at which end of

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The gift of Kindergarten

My heart sank as I watched her struggle to blow out six little candles. The breath would not come easily. She inhaled and blew as best she could, but the real candles on her fake birthday cake would not relent. The fire continued to burn as she drew another breath and tried again. After multiple

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“I miss my mommy”

Tears streamed silently down his face and mucous darted in and out of his nose as he sniffed. I motioned to him to come to me. He did. When I asked him what was wrong he tearfully told me, “I miss my mommy.” I told him I missed my mommy too and asked if he

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Lazy, hazy days of summer

The typical 180 days of school weren’t always so typical. In the early days of American education children either went to school on the rural or urban calendar. If you were a rural school child you might attend school in the summer and in the winter. That way you were able to help out on

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Teachers need the same skills as students

I recently read an article which outlined four essential skills students need in order to be successful in the 21st century. These four skills were:1. knowing more about the world2. thinking outside the box3. being smarter about the sources of information4. developing good people skills.The article declared our children need to have an education that

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personal growth

I am currently undergoing the “studying” phase of personal growth and development. I am reading the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and participating in Oprah’s 10 week class on Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth. I have just finished reading the book, The Secret. I am taking it all in and wondering when

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