Grandma’s fingerprint shows up

I was blessed last evening to hear Greg Mortenson, author of Three Cups of Tea, speak at the College of Charleston. Walking away and throughout the night and today I reflected upon his comments which steadily hailed the value of the elder members of society. He spoke of the ways their knowledge, wisdom, and experience come

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Are YOU eating to survive?

The candy disappeared before my very eyes. It was truly amazing. I was training a group of teachers who were a bit unhappy. Well, actually they were stressed to the max. These were great ladies. They were totally committed. They wanted to do the very best for the children in their classrooms. But stress was

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What’s the world saying to you?

You know your world is aligned when shoes begin sending you relevant messages! Check out what my latest purchase said to me. Here’s how it happened. I was recently nearing the end of a shopping adventure when I decided to make a last stop in a shoe department. I walked up to the 1st aisle

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Whip it Good!

I’m no Julia Childs, nor Julie Parker of “Julie and Julia” fame. Truth be known, I probably don’t even belong in the kitchen. In a perfect world, I would just show up at meal times and eat fabulous meals created by someone who loved to cook. I am right at home in the dining room-

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Nothing says, “Priceless” like dropped jaws and tears of joy. Living in a home where everything is male: husband, two sons, dog, cat, and even the two fish, you learn to enjoy sports and entertainment of all varities; not the least of which around my home is WWE Wrestling. Throughout the last decade, as my

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We’ll leave the light on for you!

My sister was here for a visit this weekend. She said she needed some, “down time to rest and relax.” I think this is funny that anyone would consider coming to my home “down time,” but hey, who am I to judge? My sister is not married and has no children. She does have a

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Oh the shoes…

You can view the pictures of Matthew’s prom shoes, him and his date at https://picasaweb.google.com/wynngodbold/MatthewPromWithMallory509#slideshow/5338054043267939970 Enjoy the pictorial followup. :)Wynn Wynn Godbold is on a mission to make sure every child, regardless of geographic location or economic status, has a highly effective teacher every year. If you are interested in being part of this mission

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