Team Planning- Productive or Destructive?

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Team Planning- Productive or Destructive?

Planning-small2Teaching is a consistent high-intensity job. Interactions with students, parents, administrators, colleagues, community members, lesson preparation, materials preparation and the like make for exhausting days and evenings.

As a teacher you must be aware of things that require high level intensity from you and the things that take a toll on you. Then, you must set boundaries around them in order to protect you.

In today’s video I talk about one activity that can steal your energy and leave you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. I’ll show you how to put boundaries around this activity and turn it from a big pain into a wonderful experience. Watch your Zap of Wynn now.

Be sure to leave me a comment under the video. Which tip is your favorite?

‘till next week, Be Sharp!




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About the author

Wynn Godbold is an inspired educator who stretches herself and those around her to new heights. Her work as a speaker, trainer, and administrative coach carries her across the United States where she spreads her message of inspiring teachers to reach children with authenticity, joy, and success. Her teacher retreats are known to empower teachers to love their lives. Teachers world-wide experience personal growth through the products and packages she offers on line. In June of 2012, Wynn kick started the International Academy of Bee Sharp Teachers. Wynn is Nationally Board Certified in Reading and the Language Arts. She has certifications in Education Administration, Elementary and Early Childhood Education. In addition to running Bee Sharp, she consults for the McGraw Hill Education Group and serves on the Educational Team at Page Turner Adventures. Wynn lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with her husband, two sons, and the family dog, JR.

2 Responses to "Team Planning- Productive or Destructive?"
  • Carmen January 26, 2014

    I am at a new school this year and there are 7 teachers on my team…but we are not the only ones who come to the grade level meetings. It’s always the 7 of us, one of the curriculum coordinators, the lower grade EC teacher, one of the lower grade ESL teachers, and sometimes the principal or assistant principal pops in for a few minutes! With that many people, you can imagine that it is often difficult to get all that we want done in one planning period.
    So, what my awesome grade level chair came up with is this: once a month, we break into groups and each group is in charge of planning a few weeks of their given area. For example, I and 2 others are in charge of reading and science plans. This works really well. It forces the large group conversation out. And as long you complete your area for the team, no one minds if you socialize a little. 🙂
    We still meet weekly, but having our plans done a few weeks in advance allows us to bounce ideas around without it being too overwhelming – trying to digest new plans AND new ideas.

    I can’t wait for your book to come out! Super excited! 🙂

    • Wynn
      Wynn January 26, 2014

      Sounds like y’all have a great plan! I bet there are others in large grade levels who could benefit from the set up y’all have. Thank you for sharing.

      ps- me too on the book 🙂 Woot

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