Is Your Classroom set up for Easy Flow?

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Is Your Classroom set up for Easy Flow?

3 Tips for Success

In this week’s Zap of Wynn, I give you three tips to improve the flow of your classroom. Why? You ask. Because the flow of your classroom is one of the underlying causes of frustration for you and your children that often goes unrecognized. I suffered frustration for a while in my classroom until I figured out it was the physical flow that was causing me grief. (Honest- it took me a few years to really get a handle on this. My goal in this video is to keep you from that type of frustration.)

These are easy tips to put in place in your classroom. They will help alleviate some of the frustrations you may not even know you are experiencing.

After you watch the video, be sure to leave your comment. Tell us one of the cool things you do in your classroom that helps the flow.

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Wynn Godbold is an inspired educator who stretches herself and those around her to new heights. Her work as a speaker, trainer, and administrative coach carries her across the United States where she spreads her message of inspiring teachers to reach children with authenticity, joy, and success. Her teacher retreats are known to empower teachers to love their lives. Teachers world-wide experience personal growth through the products and packages she offers on line. In June of 2012, Wynn kick started the International Academy of Bee Sharp Teachers. Wynn is Nationally Board Certified in Reading and the Language Arts. She has certifications in Education Administration, Elementary and Early Childhood Education. In addition to running Bee Sharp, she consults for the McGraw Hill Education Group and serves on the Educational Team at Page Turner Adventures. Wynn lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with her husband, two sons, and the family dog, JR.

3 Responses to "Is Your Classroom set up for Easy Flow?"
  • Diane Kennedy September 2, 2013

    Love independent learning where the kids DO!! Wish the parents could just get on board with this concept!! It would make all of our jobs (school and home) so much easier! I am in a brand new school this year and cannot wait to get into the classroom (it’s a little behind this year still waiting for the CO) and get “flowing”. Thanks Wynn….Enjoy St. Thomas….one of my favorite islands…..hope you can sneak over the St. John while you are there….RELAX and ENJOY! Safe Travels

    • Wynn
      Wynn September 8, 2013

      Thanks Diane,
      St. Thomas was very low key 🙂 Did not make it to St. John. Perhaps another time.
      OOH a new school! Lovely. You can start from ground zero and truly design what you want.
      Send pictures when you’re in!

    • Sveen May 8, 2014

      Blogs are a great source to ifronm students of the teachers upcoming assignments,calendars and hold class discussions. The students can reply and have on line discussions allowing them to see others point of view; this allowing the student to see how others view and look at the subject or assignments.I believe that technology should be intergrated in the classroom, because this is the age of the computer, and students can have interaction with virtual reality with subjects and this would allow field trips without leaving the classroom and allowing student to a hands experience and the technology can make a subject more interesting for the students and also allowing individual expressions and students can work a pace that is comfortable for them unless there is a group project. The technology intergration is also important for the students, because it also will prepare them for the workforce, because computers are used everywhere and this would familiarize the students with usage and computer experience. I would use blogs in the classrooms to hold oline discussions, to deliver assignments, announcements, events, and others class ifronmation. A link to another class in any part of the world to form online book clubs and etc, debates, show examples of good writings, and even create a a class newpapers the uses of blogs in the class are endless.

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