Put Your Dream to the Test

You have a dream.



I know there’s a tug in your soul…

I had one too. I know you’re scared. I was too. I know you can have what you dream. I have it! I’m living my dream. I know how to help you live yours. Let me guide you to living your dream with these 10 recordings that will help you answer the dream-to-life questions and 30 action stems not offered anywhere else online. All this for just $37. Crazy? Yes! Crazy good.


Dear Friend,

I get it. You have a dream that lives in  your soul. You want so much more from life- but you have tons to give! That’s where it all starts. You want to make a difference. You want to change lives. You’re sort of doing that now, but you know you could do it more, bigger, better. So why is bringing your dream to life so hard? You really want to give!

Oh honey, I know it. I’ve been there.

There are some questions to answer. There is some clarity to get. There are some steps to take. Be excited! I’ve done this work. I’m living my dream. And I am ready to help you live yours.

This is exactly why I put this course together for you. Because my dream is to enhance others’ lives. How do I do that? By helping you make the difference you want to make. It’s really quite easy. If I can help you help others then I’ve multiplied my reach for good in the world.

What will you get?

10 Recorded Teachings from my heart to yours

from my knowledge to yours

from my experience to yours


On these recorded teachings you’ll be guided to dig deep into your own answers to the 10 questions asked John Maxwell’s book: Put Your Dream to the Test. 

The Ownership Question– It’s yours girl. Go for it.

The Clarity Question– What exactly is your dream? Believe it or not, this is sometimes the place we spend the most time. You have to know it to live it.

The Reality Question– No fancy fake schemes here. I deal in reality. Let’s make your dream your reality.

The Passion Question– Are you really honing in on  what lights your fire? To live a dream requires passion. We’ll make sure your passion matches what you say you want.

The Pathway Question– HOW? Yep, let’s figure out how you’re going to make it happen. You may be sitting right here. Stuck. Let’s get you beyond that.

The People Question– Who needs to be involved? You may be too afraid to even tell people about your dream, but big dreams require teams. I’ll help you pass the fear and open your arms to the bigness of your dream and your team.

The Cost Question– This isn’t just about money. What will living your dream cost in time? In relationships? It’s okay. We’ll sort this out.

The Tenacity Question– What will it take to stick to it? To make it come true? This is your safe place between you and me to gently work with this question.

The Fulfillment Question– A dream brings fulfillment. Did you know that? Here’s a glimpse of what you can look forward to!

The Significance Question– You ache for significance, not just success. I get it. Me too. Let’s make sure your dream paves the way of significance. Mine does. Yours can too!

Additionally, you’ll receive 3 action items that aren’t included in the book for each of the 10 chapters! That’s 30 additional get out there and start questions to help you live your dream.




Waking up daily excited about what you GET to do instead of what you have to do.

Connecting with people who you enjoy.

Feeling that lift in your soul when you hear the magic words: “Thank you. You’ve changed my life.”

Knowing that your gifts are valuable and needed in the world.

Catching a glimpse of  yourself in the mirror and seeing the smile and glow that comes from making an impact.

Reflecting on your day with joy and celebration that you did it again! You changed a life.

+ support from a guide who knows the way and shows the way, powerful insights you can glean from over and over, confidence in the materials of the world’s Leadership Guru: John Maxwell.


$997. After all you’re getting 10 recordings- that’s 10 sessions with me!, you’re getting a personal guide through the material from a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. I’ve got the inside scoop and I’m sharing it with you. And we haven’t even talked about the bonus yet!

But let’s face it, beginning dreamers don’t always have $997 lying around AND I’m more interested in the good we can do in the world. (Which, by the way is a mindset we’ll work on…) but how will we ever make our biggest impact if I don’t put this within your reach? We won’t! And the world needs us.

Call me crazy for the low pricing, but you can have it all for $37! 


“Wynn made the content come alive for our Empowered Ladies group. She helped each woman identify and connect to their dream. Wynn got our diverse group talking comfortably. She did everything I asked, beautifully.”

Jane Burlinson
Empowered Ladies Myrtle Beach, SC


I know this is an incredible offer already,
but I have even more I feel compelled to give you.

I’ve included additional “Girlfriend to Girlfriend” recordings. These are shorter messages to provide you extra support along the journey. You also get a BONUS Wrap Up message and for a limited time I’m offering the following unbelievable Bonus.

BONUS- One 60-minute coaching call with me to discuss your answers to the 10 questions and establish a plan to reach your dream. ($197 value). This is me and you on the phone for one full hour discussing your dream and how to bring it to life. One time clients pay $197 for this hour, but I’m including it here for a limited time to Dream Seekers. If you’re ready to live your dream I am putting my money/time where my mouth is. I’m giving you this $197 value absolutely free with your purchase of Put Your Dream to the Test for $37. 

$37.00 includes 10 recordings, 30 additional action stems, BONUS Girlfriend to Girlfriend support recordings, BONUS Wrap up recording and one BONUS 60 minute coaching call with Wynn. Don’t waste one more second.