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Does the stress of school keep you up at night? I know it all too well.
Man, the amount of days when I was so overwhelmed by all the things I was being told to do were enough to make me doubt my life dream to teach. It felt as if the district mandates were changing day by day and everywhere I went someone was questioning my decisions. It was as if no one trusted me to teach. I was told things such as:

  • Teach this scripted curriculum; no do it this way…!
  • Write out a huge lesson plan.
  • Assess your kids.
  • Turn in this; no turn in that.
  • Do this benchmark.
  • Do these centers.
  • Your students should be self-monitoring… Yes, even at 5 years old.
On and on it went.

I felt overwhelmed, frustrated, and doubted myself daily. Yuck! Those were not my greatest years in the classroom- nor in my home.

That was in the past!

Do you want to know how I revolutionized my TEACHING and CREATED a life filled with love?

Spend a little time in the Lesson Plan for Life and you’ll discover the 4 simple steps to teaching happy and living in love.


HOW IT WORKS: When you begin the Lesson Plan for Life, you immediately gain access to our “members only” site.

You get: a personal welcome to the program. I will meet you electronically and explain all the details.

You get: one part of the lesson plan each week in PDF format for easy printing and as an audio download for easy listening. You chose how you want to get the lesson. We’ve made it easy for you.

You get: 4 bonus videos from me to further explain particular concepts.

You get: all of the action guide pages to guide and support you each week.

You get: encouraging emails from me throughout the program.

You get: access to our private group forum where all of our members will come to share their challenges and successes. The power of this kind of group is unstoppable. Lasting friendships, and heartwarming changes happen here!

At the end of your program, you also get an additional final BONUS video from me.

I just had to add this.

Low stress teachingYou can:

*SHIFT your TEACHING from high to LOW STRESS

*ENJOY a career and life of JOY

*FILL your life with LOVE

What’s really cool is that you can do all of these things regardless of the time constraints  you feel, the “program” you may be required to teach, the pressure of standardized testing, parents who don’t care or care too much… I did it – that’s how I know you can too.

Take advantage of my experience. I went through the process of figuring out what was wrong, discovering how to fix it, planning how to succeed with the change, and finally embracing teaching and life. You can skip the figuring, discovering, planning, and move right to embracing!

Are you ready to de-stress your TEACHING and your life? Do you want more?

I did. AND I want more for you! That’s why I created my Lesson Plan for Life- the happy teacher’s guide to life, love, and effective teaching.

I want you to teach and live every day with joy in your heart.

If you’re ready, click the button below!

Yes, I’m Ready

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enrolls you in this revolutionary program.

Lesson Plan for Life Teacher“Wynn, I added an extra 30 minutes onto my mornings after I took your class and it has made a huge difference. I even took your goal and lay in bed for 5 minutes before jumping up. Who knew all those little things could make such an impact on a day! 🙂 When is your next class?”

Kristen, Teacher
North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


The Lesson Plan for Life-
the happy teachers guide to life, love, and effective teaching

˜just enough content to dig in deep without overload!

Week 1-Establishing a clear objective = Discovering WHO You Desire to be in the World

˜thought provoking questions that help you uncover who you are and who you really want to be.

Week 2-Activating prior knowledge = A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

˜have fun building a visual system that will keep you inspired and moving forward.

Joyful TeachingWeek 3-Direct Instruction = So how do I Set My Intentions?

˜step by step instructions to support you.

Week 4-Guided Practice = Imperfection ROCKS!

˜learn to give yourself special permission… oooh, too juicy to divulge!

Week 5-Closure = Don’t Wrap It Up. Spread It Out

˜try out your new skills. I’ll give you support and encouragement to help you.

Week 6-Independent Practice = Taking it to the Streets

˜practice your new skills in a variety of settings. You’ll have support every step of the way.

Week 7-Materials and Equipment = You Mean I Need Stuff?

˜you have what it takes to live a life of joy, show genuine love, and change lives through your teaching.

Week 8-Assessment and Follow-up = How am I Doing?

˜learn to monitor your progress,  recognize when you veer off track, and how to quickly get back to living, loving, and teaching on your terms.

During the program you’ll receive bonus videos from me- I just couldn’t resist! I felt compelled to give you extra help and support.

Use this button to purchase the Lesson Plan for Life and all the bonuses for a $97.00 investment in yourself.
Yes, I’m Ready

Phew! You see, I’ve power packed this program for you because I believe strongly in YOU. You are a teacher, one of the most influential people in the world. You deserve to de-stress your teaching, live joyfully, and love genuinely. Wait NO MORE.

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You’ll get:

access to the members only site
a personal video welcome from me
8 weeks of self-study
written and audio downloads
4 videos for extra support
all action guides to support you
encouragement from me- your biggest fan and cheerleader
access to our members only support forum
and a BONUS video

Happy Teaching

YOU can be the happy teacher that changes our lives.

What are you waiting for? You could be creating a life of JOY, filling it with LOVE, and empowering your TEACHING to powerfully change students’ lives!

Get started today in the Lesson Plan for Life- the happy teacher’s guide to life, love, and effective teaching.

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Yes, I’m Ready