Everyday Math Training
On-Site and On-Line

If you’ve recently adopted McGraw-Hill’s Everyday Math Program…

you undoubtedly have high hopes for raising student achievement. Congratulations! With the right training and support your hopes will become your students’ reality. Bee Sharp has been intimately involved with this math program since 1990. We have generated the rise in test scores AND the authentic growth of children that consistent implementation with fidelity brings.

Teachers Using Everyday MathGiven our experience, we realize that implementing EM causes growing pains. The program demands teachers to have a deep level of mathematical content knowledge, exceptional classroom management skills, the flexibility to differentiate instruction, and the ability to stretch time for exploring questions and creating knowledge.

These requirements make training and support for you teachers critical! Teachers need regular staff development that works on two paths.

The two paths:

The first path instructs teachers how to use the components of the program (including the embedded assessment tools and learning through games), the six mathematical strands that are the backbone of the program, the connections of learning over time, and the “new” algorithms taught – to name just a few.

The second path of staff development teachers need to travel goes hand in hand with pure good teaching.

Teachers using Everyday Math

Teachers of EM will need assistance in managing various grouping of students, using manipulatives, playing games, exploring concepts without direct instruction, facilitating critical math conversations, establishing routines and procedures that will assist in instruction, and establishing a classroom environment where children are encouraged to explore, share, mess up, and grow.

As you can see, staff development on two paths is the way to equip teachers to propel students to higher levels of achievement. These two paths require a combination of group staff development and embedded classroom mentoring. This can be a time consuming and sometimes daunting task. You need a professional who can make this happen for you.

Cathy Day on Teacher Speaker, Wynn Godbold“… All the teachers benefited and shared new ideas and confidence in the program. … You kept the teachers’ attention and involvement all through the day. Your knowledge and enthusiasm was genuine and very clearly expressed. It was above and beyond my expectations. When can you come back?…”

Cathy Day, Head of School
Del Rio, Texas

Bee Sharp is your solution.

We offer comprehensive EM training from your initial introduction to the product to continued staff development and year-long professional mentoring. Your teachers can learn from us through on-site or on-line training, conference calls, web conferencing or a combination of training, tailor made for your staff. Don’t be overwhelmed. Contact us to learn about the most popular packages and most importantly, share your needs with us! We’ll listen and then guide you every step of the way.

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If you are using the CCSS edition (2012) or the 2007 edition of Everyday Math, take advantage of these online trainings made especially for you.

Assessment approx. 1 hour $197

Differentiation approx. 1 hour $197

Games approx. 35 minutes $97

For users of McGraw Hill’s PreKindergarten program, use this initial training video.

PreK introduction and how to use the program approx. 1 hour 50 minutes $297


Sue“Before this training, I was spending 10-15 minutes on the Mental Math. I was also spending time on certain Math Box problems because the students ‘weren’t getting it.’ I am happy to find out that Math Boxes 5 & 6 can be brand new material.I was banging my head against the wall covering that material. I now feel like I have more time!”

Antioch, Illinois

Everyday Math Review“Prior to this training, we were struggling with playing EM games. Wynn helped us realize part of our problem was classroom management. She gave us practical ideas to use in our classrooms and coached us through recognizing our own issues and how to solve them!”

Kindergarten teachers
Manchester, Pennsylvania

website-michelle“Wynn was a great presenter. She modeled fun classroom management as she went. Our school loves Everyday Math and the assessment is helping us with our small fluid groups.”

Parkersburg, West Virginia

“After our Everyday Math training, it was apparent that I was not implementing the program to its full capacity. Wynn reviewed each aspect of the Everyday Math curriculum, explained how the program is structured, and then gave us a plethora of resources we could use to enhance student learning, specifically through differentiation. Wynn ignited the math spark that was missing. For a multitude of reasons, I am grateful for Wynn’s expertise and knowledge. I look forward to teaching Math utilizing proper planning and pacing.”

Stacey Sefton, Third Grade Team Leader
Boca Raton, Florida

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