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Harvey- Undies for Everyone

Help restore dignity to sufferers of Harvey. Here’s where I found my place to help. Maybe this will be what you were looking for too.

Undies for Everyone
HOUSTON, TX 77005-1710
United States

#SmallNugget #EnormousImpact #RealTalk #UndiesForEveryone

| America | September 03, 2017

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Wynn Godbold is a certified John Maxwell Team Leadership trainer, speaker, and coach.

2 Responses to "Harvey- Undies for Everyone"
  • Cuzzin Joe Honeycutt September 4, 2017

    I was moved by your impassioned plea for “Undies for Everyone” …. I already had a list of supplies to buy Monday asour church is sending a busload of goods to Texas … I was ready to “shop till I dropped” … When I saw your “small nugget,” it became an imperative that I add some “undies” to my list …. BTW, you were right about it feeling good to take part in this mission …. Keep up the good work, girl …. Luvya!

  • wynn.godbold@beesharp.us
    wynn.godbold@beesharp.us September 17, 2017

    Thanks cuzzin Joe. You always inspire me. I’m not surprised you were already in motion providing help.

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