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Hogwash! my first review

Adding a new dimension to my blog- book reviews

Here it is: the new addition to the blog- book reviews. I am excited that from time to time, I’ll be sharing with you book reviews of children’s literature. And we kick off the whole thing with a great one! This book is one I’m looking forward to taking into my classroom. Hope you’ll consider it for your classroom too. Check out the review, leave me a comment, and find it on amazon.

Hogwash! (Wilson, Karma)

Love rhyme and rhythm? Get a bang out of cleverly pictured animals? Then you’ll love Hogwash! by Karma Wilson and illustrated by Jim McMullan.This story is about a farmer who wants to include his hogs in his spring cleaning. Of course, hogs don’t care for cleaning of any kind so the farmer and his hogs are placed in a push-pull relationship that delighted my 10 year old son and me.

I always enjoy a story told in rhyme so I suspected I would enjoy this book, but as we began reading, the rhythm of the text really delighted me; making this a great choice as a read aloud.

Recognizing this story as a “read aloud” of course triggers my teacher brain to kick into high gear. When my teacher brain got involved, I realized there were tons of teaching points embedded in this text.  For example, the vocabulary- “pondered”, “crafty smile”,“dust plane”, “ammunition” would spark discussion among a class of young readers, or even between a parent and a child. Of course, a mini lesson on onomatopoeia would be a natural for this book as the farmer’s plane crashes into the pig’s sty. To bring in the older elementary child, a focus on the word play used by the author would surely delight. “He splished and splashed and hammed it up…” writes the author of the farmer when he is engaged with the hogs in the sty.

An entertaining read for sure, but just as entertaining are the pictures. The animals in this book have personality which comes through loud and clear in their facial expressions and body language. Just when you don’t expect it, the illustrator adds an element to the pictures that makes you do a double-take. For example, in the opening scene of the farm, the illustrator places one pig resting in the corner of the sty while all the others are active. I’ll challenge you to find the bucking donkey and the mouse who has no tolerance for the muck!

Both my mom-side and my teacher-brain recommend this book for pure enjoyment and some great lessons too!

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  • Martha June 30, 2011

    I’ve always enjoyed rhyming books read aloud.

    • Wynn
      Wynn June 30, 2011

      They are so much fun aren’t they?!

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