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poster-cd-150 1. Changing the Paradigm- from Candle to Fountain.Click here to listen to your inspirational message from Academy founder Wynn Godbold. The welcome message will explain the mission behind the academy and get you started on the 3 steps it takes to teach with authenticity, joy, and success.Listen on-line or save the message to your MP3 player or other listening device.

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Teacher Tools

2. The Deal. The Discount. The Donation.

The Deal: Members of the Academy receive 10% off all Bee Sharp Products.

The Discount: Use discount code- HMCJTGM2 to receive 10% off How to Be a Great Teacher. Use Apples10 to receive your discount on all other products.

The Donation: 5% of the proceeds of any Academy Member’s purchase of Bee Sharp products, packages, webinars… is given to various charities that support authentic teaching and learning.


iStock_000004013172XSmall-150x150 3. The Sisterhood of Purpose-Driven Teachers
As a member of the Academy, you have access to our private group hosted on Facebook.

Here’s your link to request access: Access the Facebook Group. As soon as you’re confirmed jump in and introduce yourself. We can’t wait to meet you!

badge_Member150 4. Member Emblem to use on your website, blog, TpT, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn pages. Show your pride in Bee-ing Sharp. Print and display this emblem by your classroom door.Use it on your classroom or personal website, blog, TpT, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn pages.Membership shows your desire to be the best teacher possible. Click here to download your member emblem.
Wynn_YouTube_2_24_2013 5. Embracing the Apple  You’ll receive your first edition of Embracing the Apple this Sunday. Welcome to the Academy.


If you need help getting your downloads, reach out to my Customer Care Team at info@beesharp.us. They will be glad to assist you. Remember, your poster is coming in the mail. Please allow 2 weeks for it to arrive.