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Whip it Good!

I’m no Julia Childs, nor Julie Parker of “Julie and Julia” fame. Truth be known, I probably don’t even belong in the kitchen. In a perfect world, I would just show up at meal times and eat fabulous meals created by someone who loved to cook. I am right at home in the dining room- the kitchen is just another story.

Most recently, I’ve joined in a program called, “Slim, Chic, and Savvy.” It is a real life changer- in a positive way. As part of this program we discuss filling your body with quality foods. Going for the naturals and such. This really resonates with me. I know, “Junk in junk out. Quality in, quality out.”

As part of my enlightened journey toward being slim, chic, and savvy, I decided to follow the advice of our leader and “whip some cream” to put on top of our fresh from the market peaches. (Yes, I’ve been frequenting the local farmer’s market:))

I purchased the whipping cream with the expectation of fresh peaches and cream for dessert. YUM! At home I put the cream in a bowl, added just a touch of sugar- as was recommended- and began whipping. I whipped and whipped. The cream became airy. Then sort of smooth. “This looks good.” I thought. Not quite as thick as Cool Whip from a tub, but hey this is homemade.

I took a tiny taste on my finger. YUCK. It did not taste like Cool Whip or any other whip made from water, corn syrup, partially hydrogented vegetable oils, high-fructose corn syrup, sodium caseinate, natrual and artificial flavors, xanthum gum, guar gum, polysorbate 60, sorbitan monosterate, and beta-carotene for color.

Mine was not good. Could it be, that artificial was better than natural? No way! I refused to believe that. So…

I whipped a little more thinking it wasn’t “done” yet. Yes, as you guessed it: BUTTER! I whipped my cream into such submission it decided to do me one better and become butter.

As a butter, my product was pretty fair. Maybe I’ll even make my own butter from now on. It is so easy! But, my problem lingers. I have fresh peaches waiting to be eaten and not a dollop of whipped cream in sight.

Some of my com-padres in the Slim, Chic and Savvy class think I needed different equipment. They’ve even suggested a really nifty “whipper.” (easily purchased on line) All you do is put in your fresh cream and then it squirts from this canister perfectly “whipped.”

I like the idea of this contraption. It surely looks like the easy way to fresh whipped cream with out all the other ingredients you find in the previously prepared type. But, I’m no quitter you see. I refuse to be whipped by my own whipping cream. So today, it’s back to the store for me. I’ll be purchasing another carton of cream and building another layer of arm muscle as I attempt to make it fresh.

Perhaps to ensure some measure of success I’ll involve my nine year old son and let him experience the process of matter changing through the scientific properties: from liquid cream to yummy fluff and if all else fails, forward on to solid butter!

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