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playing in a traveling band…

Another part of my life in the fast lane is my weekly trips to visit my mother- AKA “Grandma.” She has recently moved into an assisted living facility due to stroke and the onset of Alzheimer’s. I believe she is doing rather well in her new home, but I feel like a member of a traveling band. I keep an overnight bag 1/2 packed. Every Monday, I think about what day we’ll be on the road again so I can pack for my seven year old and figure out whether or not to take the teenager.

This week we were unable to travel because I was afflicted with a terrible cold. This is not the sort of gift you take to the elderly. We stayed at home. I regret to admit that my bathroom is still tinged with crud that is growing daily. Whilst mold and mildew are becoming part of our new norm, it is not a part I desire to hold on to.

I had the delusion that being home all weekend would allow me the time to get in there and clean it up, but this did not happen. I think now it could be my lack of desire to do the “clorax dance” that is inhibiting me- not so much the cold. Upon writing this, I have a guilt feeling- also part of the new norm developing here…- I should take care of this problem.

Off to clean the crud… we travel next week!

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