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Our Hive is Buzzing. Get a Piece of the Action.

How to be a Great Teacher the bookBig things happening around here this week! First, I was happily surprised that my first book ever, How to Be a Great Teacher: Create the Flow of Joy and Success in Your Classroom, hit the Amazon bookshelves 5 days early.

This book is for YOU if you are a great teacher, but your joy is not overflowing. We need you in that classroom with your joy brimming over!

In the book I share the 9 steps I used to move myself from teaching with feelings of overwhelm and frustration to teaching with JOY.

I LOVED the second half of my teaching career- the part after I figured out what I needed. Use this link and get your copy: Amazon The book is easy to read, life-changing when followed.

The second big celebration around here was my son’s 22nd birthday. Wow! That feels like a long time ago.

Interesting, when I look back on his early life it coincides with the period before I figured out the secrets to living with joy. There are some moments I reflect on and think, “Gee, if only I had known about true JOY then…” Yes, it brings me a little sad feeling to think how those early days of marriage and new motherhood could have been different.

But then I think, “No, it was those ‘hard’ times that make what I know now so wonderful.”

You see, I couldn’t have written my book if I hadn’t lived the stress and learned how to find the joy.

What I can share now, having been on both sides of life, is that my entire family lives in a beautiful space where we can say, “Our worst days now are better than our best days then.” It doesn’t mean we didn’t have happy times; this means we are living, growing, and loving on a trajectory of real joy that far exceeds fleeting moments of happiness.

Can you say the same? Is your worst day now better than your best days of the past? If not, you need your copy! Order now for quick delivery.

Today’s Zap of Wynn is a celebration. Watch now to join the fun.





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