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I was wondering tonight, will we evolve into beings with even more efficient thumbs since we are a text happy society?


Will these change in time?

Just sayin’!

I love my new phone so much that tonight I stood outside of my rental car in the parking lot of a Rhode Island Cracker Barrel and got the nail clippers from my suit case so that I could clip my long thumb nails down to a size that will allow me to be a more efficient texter! Ha- good thing I’ve never been a big manicure type.

I have always been blessed with quick growing, long lasting fingernails. I hope God won’t be mad with me that I snipped down the thumbs in order to post on Facebook my “check in” so everyone could know that I was eating at the Cracker Barrel. I wouldn’t want to stir the pot with Him, especially right now since He’s already put me through an earthquake and has a hurricane off my home shore for when I get to Myrtle Beach this weekend.

Really though, do you think over decades and generations our thumbs will change given the intensity with which current and future generations do and will text?

PS- do you think God lead me to the “speech enabled” phone so that I could keep my pretty nails in tact and still function in this technological society? hmmmm I better go learn to use that feature.

Later peeps!

| circle of life, possibilities, thrive | August 24, 2011

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