How Does Testing Affect You?

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How Does Testing Affect You?

Standardized testing is a fact of life. Every school I’ve ever been in has some form of testing/accountability- private, public, religious…

Comparing school to school, I’ve found there are many factors that influence the level of anxiety felt by the teaching staff in regard to testing. Imagine… one school is filled with students who are struggling.The stress in that school comes as teachers agonize over how to get their students to perform well. Imagine another school filled with children who typically score well. Their problem is certainly not performance: their stress comes from a lack of “growth” as measured year-to-year.

Regardless, teachers have a personal decision to make; how will you deal with the stress that accompanies testing?

Today we look at testing as being a cauldron of boiling water. You are dropped into that water. Here are your choices: you can be either a carrot, an egg, or coffee.

Watch the video to decide. In the comments below, share your decision with us: carrot, egg, or coffee?

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Wynn Godbold is a certified John Maxwell Team Leadership trainer, speaker, and coach.

2 Responses to "How Does Testing Affect You?"
  • Susan May 12, 2014

    Hi Wynn, Sometimes you want to add a little flavored cream to that coffee to spice it up and add some variety. Remember if that coffee sits to long it will become stale and bitter. So don’t forget to spice it up and try something new or a little adventurous every now and then. You never know, that one little flavor boost just might be the right ingredient for success.

  • wynn.godbold@beesharp.us

    Love it! Way to go Susan. Nice adding spice to life.

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