How can the cross crawl help you and your students?

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How can the cross crawl help you and your students?

Someone recently wrote in an email about these videos on Sundays and referred to them as, “Wynn’s Zap of Wisdom” I just loved that! So now we have a new name for the blog videos. You like it?

There’s wisdom to be shared. Let’s get down to it. Today we are learning about a physical movement called the cross crawl. You may remember it from the PE days of old. For some reason I felt as if I had done this move before. At any rate, this is a move I learned from my son’s vision therapist.

The idea behind the cross crawl is that it serves to re-engage both sides of the brain and actually encourage them to work together. We all know the left and right sides of the brain are responsible for different functions. The cross crawl helps you to get them working together.

Think about this. If we can technically read and speak a language (right side) how much more full will our lives be if we can also relate on an emotional level (left side)? See the beauty of having both sides work together?!

Of course this is life enhancing, but think about the applications at school. If a child is struggling to get both eyes or both feet, arms, hands, ears… to work together how much harder is applying him/herself to academic tasks? Let me tell you WAAAAY harder. Our vision therapist estimated, based on a thorough evaluation of my son, that he was working 4x’s as hard as kids without vision issues to focus on words or math problems. That meant every time he looked up or down- any shift in what he was looking at- and he was working 4x’s harder than the rest of us. No wonder school absolutely exhausted him. He was putting in four days’ work in one day!

You would never have known it. His eyes are as beautiful and as “normal” as yours and mine. Maybe even more so, ‘cause his sparkle blue. He gets that from his dad.

Back to task. The idea is that many kids struggle getting both sides to work together. So they are missing out on the beauty of life; not to mention working uber hard.

To help with this, check out today’s video and try out the cross crawl yourself. I read an article about adults who are incorporating 5-10 minutes of this into their day as breaks between hours of work. So far, they report increased energy, of course, but also an increase in focus following the exercise.

Try it out in your classroom and be sure to share your findings with us in the comment section below.

Until next week, Bee Sharp!


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  • Carmen Money October 25, 2012

    LOVE this! And your t-shirt is one of my favorites. I always get compliments on it. Miss you but so glad that I get to see you here!

    • Wynn Godbold
      Wynn Godbold October 25, 2012

      Thanks for stopping bye Carmen! Miss you too. Excited for your new adventures:)
      It is a great shirt isn’t it?!

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