The 8 Standards of Mathematical Practice

The 8 Standards of Mathematical Practice

You know I am NOT consumed with standardized testing, but we do live in a society where standards are important and we must be sure we are teaching in accordance with them. To this end, I have decided to tackle the 8 SMP’s on video.

After you watch each video and read the downloads, think about what you’re already doing in your classroom. I bet you’ll find that you are already helping children meet many of the 8 practice standards. Amazingly enough these 8 standards are wrapped up in good solid teaching! When you start making the connections between your current teaching and these standards, feel free to drop us a line and tell us about it.

Video 1 Introduction:


SMP 1:

Handout for SMP 1
Handout for SMP 1 with Answers

SMP 2:

Handout for SMP 2
Handout for SMP 2 with answers

SMP 3:

SMP #3: Handout without Answers
SMP #3: Handout with Answers

SMP 4:

Standard 4 Digging Deep without Answers
Standard 4 Digging Deep with Answers

SMP 5:

Standard 5 digging deep
Standard 5 digging deep answers

SMP 6:

Standard 6 digging deep
Standard 6 digging deep answers

SMP 7:

Standard 7 digging deep
Standard 7 digging deep answers

SMP 8:

Standard 8 digging deep
Standard 8 digging deep answers revised


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