The 8 Standards of Mathematical Practice

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The 8 Standards of Mathematical Practice

This week in your Zap of Wynn I address the Common Core State Standards- under the content area of mathematics- most specifically I will open the Standards of Mathematical Practice; otherwise known as the SMP’s.

You know I am NOT consumed with standardized testing, but we do live in a society where standards are important and we must be sure we are teaching in accordance with them. To this end, I have decided to tackle the 8 SMP’s on video over the next 8 months. I’ll take one at a time, but the SMP’s will be talked about only 1 week out of the entire month. I see no need to get crazy about these things.

I think you’ll find as you watch this week’s overview video that there are actually some really good ideas wrapped up in the SMP’s. I hope that they will feel much more accessible to you after today. In the video, I mention that I have a special download for you. You can access it by clicking on this link.

After you watch the video, think about what you’re already doing in your classroom. I bet you’ll find that you are already helping children meet many of the 8 practice standards. Amazingly enough these 8 standards are wrapped up in good solid teaching! When you start making the connections between your current teaching and these standards, tell us about it in the comments section below the video. Your comment may well be the one thing that another teacher needs to read.

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| teaching, testing | October 14, 2012

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