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Take Conscious Control of October – Step 3

3 Easy Steps to Change this Month from Frustration to Joy

3TipsFall-small3. Be authentically tuned in when you are teaching.

Example- When things are chaotic with after school activities, grading, report cards, conferences, or life circumstances outside of the classroom we sometimes get distracted in the classroom. We are often tempted to tend to other business during the school day which separates us from our students. This brings on additional problems. Children sense when you are not genuinely connected or “in tune” with them and they will take advantage of these moments in negative ways. Even unintentional negative results will manifest when we are not 100% tuned in.

Change- One of the best things you can do when life beckons to overwhelm you is become uber-focused during school hours on the people in the room with you. It sounds crazy and counterintuitive to uber-focus and keep the other issues out of your classroom, but it works. By totally focusing on the people in the room, you’ll find your ability to handle the outside issues will improve. You will feel confident and satisfied in your work and thus will free all your energy to handle with grace the issues outside of your classroom.

There you have it Your 3 steps to a blessed and energized October.


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