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Don’t let Spring Testing Steal Your Confidence



Spring has officially sprung! Longer days open lots of opportunities for us, but Spring also brings some challenges our way. Today I am going to equip you to make this your best Spring ever.

The transition students make, yep they blossom just like the flowers do, and the looming feeling of “The Test” can eat away at your confidence. You start to wonder: Have I done my job? Are my children really prepared for the next step? What else can I do? And that’s when the panic sets in. You begin to abandon heart-centered teaching and go for drills, preps, and practices.

Even if you don’t give a big ole standardized test, you likely get caught up in the Spring fray and frenzy; the feelings of doubt about your practice start to creep in.

No worries, friend. Today in your Zap of Wynn video I share with you two steps you can use this week to release your stress and have your best, most confident and relaxed Spring ever.

Watch that video! Do these two steps!

Come back later this week and tell me how these steps work for ya’.



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