All children in grades preK-6 are English Math-Language Learners.

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All children in grades preK-6 are English Math-Language Learners.

You may not have any identified English Language Learners in your classroom, but today I will show you why all children in grades preK-6 should be considered ELL students when it comes to math.

In this edition of your Sunday Zap of Wynn I’ll share three typical mistakes we make by teaching without purposeful thought being given to our language.

We know from research and quite frankly, from classroom experience, that often times children who struggle with math are really struggling with the language of mathematics. These students can do what you’re asking- if only they knew what you were talking about.

Be sure to be clear.

Watch today’s Zap of Wynn. Then share some of your experiences in language confusion with us in the comments below.

| teaching | September 30, 2012

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