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Scholarships for Educators are available.

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JUST IN… update 7-9-15

Special Guest Speaker announced.

We are pleased to announce a new addition to the Leadership 2015 Retreat lineup. Mr. Frank Archibald will be speaking to participants about leading from the field as well as from position. Mr. Archibald has a 35 year career of service to the United States of America. He will share his experiences from serving in the Marine Corps to leading a division in a federal agency. His experiences and successes in leadership are sure to inspire all who attend to reach deeper and rise to greater personal and professional levels of their own success.

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Shine on!

Are you ready for more? Do you desire to communicate your ideas so that others will listen? Are you in an administrative position but struggling to get others to follow along? Do you aspire to step into the leadership sphere?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading. We’ve got what you need to lead with confidence, courage, compassion and followers- because if you are leading but no one is following, well you’re just out for a walk. Don’t walk alone. Join us to learn to lead.

Wee! So excited to announce:

Date: July 30, 31 and August 1, 2015 FAQ
Place: Hampton Inn & Suites Oceanfront, Myrtle Beach, SC

Purpose: To equip present and emerging leaders in the field of education to lead with confidence, courage, and compassion.

The Vision: We will create a safe environment for present and emerging leaders to work on their leadership skills. We will provide training in the fundamentals of leadership, the dynamics of leading from position or from the field, and advanced knowledge of communicating effectively. We will give participants time to learn and reflect, assimilate and plan implementation of new knowledge, work in large and small groups, and receive individual coaching to develop the participants’ leadership skills and abilities. We commit to providing the safety, security, content, and expertise throughout the retreat for participants to learn and grow. In return we ask all attendees to participate fully in large group, small group, and individual sessions.

During this retreat participants will:

  • dive deep into their philosophy of leadership
  • learn the universal foundation laws of leadership
  • work in small groups and individually to develop their personal leadership styles
  • identify their strengths and weaknesses
  • plan for capitalizing on their strengths and how to source their weaknesses
  • participate in team building exercises
  • develop personal and professional boundaries
  • set intentions for returning to their districts and schools as leaders
  • establish a vision for the 2016 school year specific to their position
  • work in mastermind groups to set goals
  • make a plan for implementation of their vision
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Who is this retreat for?  This retreat is for present and emerging leaders in education who want to:

  • obtain a position from which to lead
  • be more effective in their position
  • increase their visibility as a leader
  • lead from the field
  • increase their knowledge of leadership laws
  • develop the characteristics of a model leader
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This retreat is NOT for folks who: 

  • have nothing to learn
  • are satisfied with their performance in their position
  • are negative about life and/or working with children
  • complain

We will work each day to up the leadership game of every participant. We will mix our work with humor, fun, and relationship building of a network that can be counted on for long term support. Outside of the sessions participants will have the beauty and excitement of Myrtle Beach to enjoy on their free time.


  • Sign up during March, April, and May your cost is $300.00 per person
  • Sign up during June your cost is $325 per person
  • Sign up during July your cost is $350 per person
I want to come, but I need help getting my school to pay.

No problem, click here to download talking points to help you explain this retreat and the benefits for the school of sending you.


We know events are inspiring, uplifting, motivating… but following the “high” of the event participants are typically left on their own to implement and sustain their motivation- alone. We will not let this happen to you! All participants in the Leadership 2015 Retreat will have continuing support through our BONUS 5 week online Mastermind. Following the retreat we will continue to support our attendees with an online community, continued leadership training, and access to the Master Facilitators and Wynn- our retreat presenter.

Ready to raise your leadership level? Ready to position yourself as a leader? Ready to distinguish yourself above the crowd? Ready to make a more powerful difference in your life? Ready to gain a support group of like minded folks? Ready to enjoy some Myrtle Beach?

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If you have any questions or need additional details, contact us. We’ll be glad to help you.

Megan Hadley on Teacher's Retreat“The retreat has opened the door to an amazing community of friends and has opened my eyes to visualize the professional I wish to be for myself as well as every child that steps into my classroom. It is an experience that I can never replace!”

Megan, Teacher
Ruby, South Carolina