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Reading Strategies Part 2

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StrugglingReaders-smallNeed a hand in reaching your early and/or struggling readers? You’re in the right place.

In this week’s Zap of Wynn video I share 3 more strategies you can use right away to help young and/or struggling readers. This is the 2nd and final video in the series. Folks got the first three strategies last week.

Here’s a link to last week’s video so you can access the first three strategies with ease.

Enjoy the teaching tips and be sure to leave a comment under the video. Which strategy is your favorite? How did the strategies work for you?

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Ps- This time of year tends to be the long haul until testing… if you want to put some joy back in your job, grab your copy of my book How to Be a Great Teacher: Create the Flow of Joy and Success in Your Classroom. This time of year is great for looking inside to the joy.

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