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“Books Read” Classroom Display

Teaching Tip from Los Alamos, New Mexico

Walk-Two-Moons-smallToday’s teaching tip comes from Los Alamos, New Mexico. I had the pleasure this summer of working with Barbara, Liz, and Chris of Mountain Elementary. During our time together we discussed how great books can support math concepts. In the course of the conversation, one teacher shared that she makes a “Books Read” display on one of her classroom wall. On the wall she puts index cards with pictures of the books the class has read along with a snippet of what the book is about.

Having the picture on the index card with the snippet of the book helps children to remember the books they have read and whether or not they enjoyed them. Many times her students will ask her to read the most enjoyed books again and again. This did not happen before she included the pictures.

I can relate! Sometimes I confuse titles, forget books I’ve read or books I want to read. This must happen to lots of people because the website GoodReads is a big hit.

A simple Google search in Images will give you easy to use pictures of front covers of books.

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