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Use foam-board for non-standard measurements

Feet-smallThis week’s tip comes from Carolyn Hill from St. James Episcopal School in Texas. Thank you Carolyn for sharing!

When you are introducing children to non-standard units of measure (using their foot to measure instead of a standard ruler foot), have the children trace their feet on foam-board instead of paper. Foam-board is much easier to manipulate than paper, the feet will last for multiple uses, and can be placed in your math center for even greater use.

Foam-board feet work better than cardstock also. When your students line the feet up to measure the thickness of the foam-board helps the students to avoid overlaps.

Foam-board can be purchased at craft stores, office supply stores, or online. It is pretty cheap.

I’d love to hear from you. What other ways do you use foam-board? Share in the comments below.


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