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Teaching Idea from Durham, North Carolina

Measuring with Bats in Kindergarten

Hello Reader,

Today I’m thrilled to share with you that a Holiday Special is on the way!

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Enjoy your weekend and stay warm!


Teaching Tip

Many thanks go out to Academy Member Carmen Hathcock and her class of Kindergarten students from Creekside School in Durham, North Carolina for this week’s Holiday teaching idea.

Flash-back to Halloween: Carmen and her class practiced measuring with non-standard units. Here are pictures of them measuring with bats!

Students had a sheet with pictures of objects to measure – a pencil, a book, their chair, a straw, and a paintbrush. When they finished measuring those items, they got to get up and measure anything in the room they wanted!

They LOVED it!

They measured the tables, the dolls in dramatic play, the fish tank, each other, and (my favorite) they worked together (WITHOUT “prompting and support”!) to measure the carpet!!! So much fun!

5 3
6 4
2 1

Thanks Carmen for sharing your classroom and great measurement idea with us.

YOUR class could be featured next. Send your pictures and holiday activity to info@BeeSharp.us.

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