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Talk Live with a Reading Expert and a Math Assist

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Special note from Dr. Colleen Carroll

Struggling readersI need help! I am looking for parents and teachers of children ages 6-14 who need support in the area of reading comprehension and/or disengagement. I am offering a free 20 minute coaching session to answer your most pressing questions around this topic in exchange for the opportunity to hear your challenges with students in reading. There will also be a short follow up call 1 month later to see how the strategies I have suggested are working for you. There is no sales pitch or obligation. My purpose is strictly research. Your experience is invaluable to me so that I can tailor the work I do in literacy. I believe my knowledge and years of work in the education field can be very helpful to you as well around this topic. Please contact me at askdrcolleencarroll@gmail.com so we can set up a phone session and follow up call. If you’d prefer to email me your questions, you may do that as well. Thank you for your interest!”

This week’s Zap of Wynn is a double dose! First, you have an opportunity to get your questions answered  about children who struggle with reading comprehension. Second, I shared a new math algorithm to use with your students.

A good Zap!

Enjoy your week and I’ll see you here for another Zap of Wynn next Sunday.



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