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Take Conscious Control of October – Step 1

3 Easy Steps to Change this Month from Frustration to Joy

3TipsFall-small1. Set realistic expectations for yourself.

Example– if you have parent conferences this month don’t set yourself up for stress and frustration. I was one of those teachers that felt pressured to “get conferences done.” To this end I followed the lead of other teachers around me and scheduled 15 minute back to back conferences. Can you say exhausting? How about frustrating? YES that was awful.

Change– I began setting 20 minute conferences with 10 minutes between. I got fewer done in one day, but I felt at ease with each parent. I was able to talk and listen. I never left exhausted and overwhelmed because I wasn’t packing people into a “cattle herd” situation. Each family got my authentic attention. It took me more days, but the investment in each family opened the door for me to feel connected, relaxed, and in control.

More steps to turn October into a joyful month to come next week. Check back then, or even better, subscribe to my blog so you won’t miss any steps.


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