Strategy to Relieve Stress in the Long Haul ‘till Spring Break

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Strategy to Relieve Stress in the Long Haul ‘till Spring Break

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Teacher-Stress-smThere’s a neat energy that comes from being around others who are living conscious of their habits and doing something positive for themselves. This week I ran in Central Park and I got a dose of this energy. People everywhere running, walking… It was marvelous. I could feel the positive vibe.

I want you to have a dose of this same energy.

NO! You do not have to go running- although let me know if you do! I’m always looking for running connections. What I share with you today in your Zap of Wynn video at the top of this post is one activity you can do for yourself that is positive and will actually relieve teacher stress.

Tall order? Yes. But if you’ll do this one thing, you’ll feel better. Who knows, you may even give off enough of that good energy that people feel it. Let’s do this!

I’m laying down a 5-day challenge for you.

Watch the video and leave a comment saying, “I’m in!”

See you in the video,



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Wynn Godbold is a certified John Maxwell Team Leadership trainer, speaker, and coach.

One Response to "Strategy to Relieve Stress in the Long Haul ‘till Spring Break"
  • Susan H. April 18, 2014

    Amen Sister! I use to leave everything till I did my planning for the following week on Thursday. By then I had piles everywhere. I spent so much of that planning time going through papers and deciding where they needed to go that I was adding at least an extra 45 min. to that planned hour after school. By taking that 10 min. daily after school to clear off my desk made walking into my room in the AM so much more pleasant. I could easily look over the days plans and have a clear desk to work at to do this. Just getting rid of the clutter makes the start of the day so much more stress free.

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