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Classroom Idea from New York City

Number Sense Posters

Today’s Teaching Tip comes from Rodeph Shalom in New York City. This particular set of numbers was in a Kindergarten classroom. While you can find many commercially made number posters, I chose to share these with you because they are manmade, yet serving the purpose. I also wanted to remind folks of the emphasis being placed on number sense by the Common Core State Standards. In the early grades having objects to represent the value of the number is an easy way to help reinforce the concept of the number.


You may also want to consider making your number poster using a Ten Frame under each number.

web pict for second spot 2web pict for second spot 5

web pict for second spot 4web pict for second spot 3

10 Frame Images taken from Pinterest

web pict for second spot

Another great tip with numbers is to make a poster for each number that the children can draw or write on. Keep this poster hanging in your classroom all year. Refer back to it often and allow the children to update and show how their sense of number has expanded.

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