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“Sell this House” and the teacher’s heart- Really? Oh yes!

It’s Saturday morning and I’m engaged in one of my favorite activities- watching Sell This House with Tanya Mame’ and Roger. This is truly one of my weekend indulgences. If you’re not familiar with the show, here’s the skinny.

Folks who have been trying to sell their house, but are not meeting with success, ask for help in staging for sale.  The show beginsTanya Mame' and Roger with a hidden camera open house where realtors and prospective customers are free to speak their minds regarding the state of the home. Then the homeowners watch the clips of comments about their home. Next, Roger the designer is brought in to help stage the house for sale. Finally, there is a second open house. The same realtors and prospects revisit the house and make comments on the new look, feel etc.

Literally, I can sit and watch episode after episode without even glancing at the clock. This morning I asked myself, “Why?” and came face to face with a deeply engrained truth about myself.

I love transformation!

When I realized this was my draw to the show, I wondered, “Why this show?” There are tons of “transformation” shows available and yet, this is the one I like. I came to the conclusion that it spoke to my teacher’s heart and that’s why I chose to share my fascination with you!

Check this out:

Sell this House Teaching
Begin with something that is deeply personal- the homeowners’ living space Begin with a child (do I really have to explain that this is deeply personal?!)
Open the house up to expose the weaknesses based on the opinions of other Test the child to expose how he/she compares with what the experts (??) say about children
Bring in a specialist to re-design Trust a teaching professional to work with the child for 180 (give or take a few) days
Clear out all the clutter of the space and strip it to the bare essentials- selecting the pieces that are valuable to keep in the home to build the look Clear away the clutter of socio-economic status, self-esteem issues, learning difficulties, outside distractions, parental involvement (or lack thereof),  cultural differences, language barriers, general misconceptions, lack (or abundance) of basic skills… to the child’s “bare essential” level of true understanding
Recreate the space with style that will appeal to a wide range of prospective buyers. Keep it neutral so they can envision themselves inhabiting the space- making it their own. Recreate the child to the level of expectation based on a general grade level standard that is applicable to the masses based on an age/grade determinant.
Show the house to the same realtors and prospective buyers again through another open house. Show the child off to parents, local, and state agencies again using the same testing format but with elevated standards and higher expectations than the year before.
Tape the reactions of the same realtors and prospective buyers as they revisit the home. Review the test scores as reported by state agencies.
Watch how they comment about this house now as opposed to before the transformation. Watch as the scores compare the child against the children in this grade last year; not the child against him/herself (as in the open house).
Listen as they remark on the same space now beautiful instead of cluttered, the same space now hosting a world of possibilities instead of being stifled with the old baggage, the same space open to receive more from someone new! Listen as the teacher forgets how much clutter they cleared up for this learner, how the child is now able to embrace possibilities, how the child can move forward with new expectations and embrace a new challenge.

Why doesn’t the teacher side end as well as Sell this House? I’ll let you work that one out. Maybe I’ll even delve into it on another post.

For today, it was just fun to figure out why I love this show. It definitely satisfies the teacher heart in me that loves to see something all cluttered up and lacking potential become fresh and new and full of possibility! – Much like the rest of my Saturday- hmmm…time to get started making the most of this day!

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