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Take Conscious Control of October – Step 2

3 Easy Steps to Change this Month from Frustration to Joy

3TipsFall-small2. Set, know, and honor your boundaries.

Example – Teachers feel the pressure of being in a heart-centered business. “If I was a great teacher, I’d be available 24-7 for parents, school, anyone who needs me…” This is a lie. Your life is YOURS. You need to set, know, and honor your personal boundaries. This keeps you rejuvenated, rested, and ready for the challenges of being with children all day. This same boundary applies to grading, hallway talk, bulletin board making… any task. Know when to say when- and say it! You must have time away from the tasks of school or you will burn out.

Change – When I started stepping away from school and engaging fully at home I was more productive at school (and at home) and looked forward to each part of my day with more enthusiasm.

More steps to turn October into a joyful month to come next week. Check back then, or even better, subscribe to my blog so you won’t miss any steps.


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