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Couch 2 5K

Let me begin by making it clear- I am not in commitment mode. I’m going to do what I can, but I make no promises ’cause I don’t want to let anyone down- namely me!

Now that the details are behind us, here’s what’s up for the summer. Please join me if you will.

Couch 2 5K workout 2 aftermath

I told you it wasn’t pretty. Aftermath of workout 2.


For the summer months, I’m inviting teacher peeps from around the world to join the International Academy of Bee Sharp Teachers at the Premiere Level for FREE! Yep, all the bells and whistles at none of the price. Check out this page. Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the FREE for Summer button. (If you’re already a member of the FREE Academy, you were upgraded to Premiere Monday so no need to act on any of this. If you’re confused, email my gal Kelly at info@BeeSharp.us and she’ll get you straight.)

Now, what the heck does all that great stuff have to do with getting my patootie off the couch?!

Glad you asked. During June, July, and August I am taking a break from doing my weekly “Zaps of Wynn” where I give out all manner of educational help so that you can teach with authenticity, joy, and success. (You can always click on the “older posts” link at the bottom of the blog and get all of the past years’ advice at your fingertips.)

For the summer I’m doing a program called Couch 2 5K. I’ll be sharing my journey with you and invite you to join in if you’d like. It came up quite suddenly. I’m so NOT a runner, but I felt a need and sort-of desire to see if I could do it.

I’ve done 2 workouts. This is me after the 2nd one. My friend who mentioned it to me said I don’t have to do it pretty! Thank God she was right. ‘Cause there ain’t nothing pretty about me jogging! The proof’s in that picture.

Today I will do workout number 3.  Check out the details of the program here (whether you’d ever entertain doing it or not- you might surprise yourself).

Come along for the ride if you want. I’d love to have you. But keep in mind this is NOT a competition. Na-sayers get lost now. Supporters grab your shoes- or just your pom poms if that’s all you feel lead to do.

Let’s see what happens!

Much love,



ps- here’s the link for the Premiere Academy for the summer freebie one more time- you don’t have to get up from the couch to participate in that so click it now!

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