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Hello fabulous video watchers. I know you are accustomed to my Small Nugget. Big Impact. videos and many of you are also now receiving my Wynn’s Wisdom videos. Today is a different kind of day for me. Today I needed to write. I needed to process.

Here’s the why/what: picture of myrtle beach

I love my city. I live in Myrtle Beach, SC. We are a tourist destination hosting over 17 Million visitors a year. We have beautiful beaches, loads of shopping, dining, and entertainment to mention just a few of the high lights that a Myrtle Beach vacation offers.

Over the weekend, we were subject to the craziness of life in these United States. And, it wasn’t our first time. This past weekend, we had 5 shootings in 3 days. There- I said it. I put it out in the open. There’s no hiding. This is a fact. It happened.

Our city leaders held a special meeting yesterday. Community members spoke. It was on the news and replayed on Facebook live. Voices rang out. Voices always do.

I was proud of our interim police chief. I watched as she related the facts- all that would not hinder the ongoing investigation. She gave a detailed accounting of the policing that happened during the incidents including numbers and geographical locations of officers. She put to rest some of the speculation and misinformation that was shared by some community members in a polite, respectful, and informed manner.

I was proud of my city.

But I heard the voices of the folks in the room. My city used to be a sleepy tourist spot with dirt roads and no traffic. We had a limited “busy” season and enjoyed the calm between the busy spells.

This is no longer the case. We are a full time, full blown tourist town that barely sleeps. I don’t criticize, it’s just another fact. We’ve grown.

What’s on my heart.

About 11 months ago I felt a deep passion for my city emerge in my heart. I developed a love for the full time residents and the visitors. I had a vision come to me that Myrtle Beach could be the world’s first Transformation Destination. We say we are a world class resort town in our advertising, but that’s not quite the truth yet (IMO). I’m not sure we’ll ever be the picture of what comes to my mind when I hear the words, “World class resort.” But I do believe wholeheartedly we can use our southern hospitality and amazing beach area to be the world’s first Transformation Destination.

What does that mean?

Transformation Destination means that we build a community here that is so tuned in to adding value to others that our visitors feel it. We, the people of Myrtle Beach, would watch out for each other, lift each other up, and welcome our visitors with the same spirit of helpfulness so much so that when our visitors are here they would know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Myrtle Beach is a special place to live and to work. Our visitors would feel how we value each other and they would in turn feel valued.

The experiences our visitors would have in our city would make them want to change their own cities into transformation communities; places where the goal of each individual is to add value to others.

I’ve been noodling how to get started. I’ve got a plan and a vision. I’m beginning the steps I can take to make change happen here.

It’s not about coming together to push against the forces of evil in the world that have made their way into our community. It is about coming together to care so deeply for one another and to watch over each other in such a way that there is no place for violence to strike.

What you resist persists. Resistance is not the plan.

Creation of a transformation destination is the plan. Members of the community said yesterday they were ready to stand united and make a change. Let’s do this. Don’t let your one moment to speak to city council be the end of your action.

Use the contact form here to let me know you’re ready to begin the journey of transformation.

I love my city! Who’s with me? I look forward to getting your information. Grass roots, baby.

“You just cannot look at things that are wrong in the world, putting them in piles, labeling them, and then joining together in groups to push against them, without depriving yourself of the point of attraction that you must accomplish in order to let in all that you consider to be good.”
Excerpted from Phoenix, AZ on 2/1/14 Abraham Hicks

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