She loved the park, but getting there was rough…

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She loved the park, but getting there was rough…

While in Manhattan recently, I was enamored with all the dogs being walked by their owners in the late evening. There were so many dogs of so many varieties that I finally had to start taking pictures. I simply felt pulled to capture them- regardless of the fact that I have no real camera skills!

Wynn and Henry

Me and Henry.

Interesting pooches- although they weren’t so keen on posing- except of course for Henry whose owner actually let me pose with him. (That’s us over there) What an awesome beast. So well mannered and with a coat as soft as silk. He happens to be a Labradoodle- you know the kind that is hypoallergenic and doesn’t really shed. Wonderful animal.



Then there was Seri. I actually spoke at lenght with her owner and discovered that she had been predeceased by another wonderful animal that I believe would have been quite close to my heart. The deceased animal was a mut, rescued and brought home by a kind soul. The dog was so scared because of it’s previous life on the streets that she was skiddish about everything; to the point that she wouldn’t even walk to the park. Her fear kept her bound-until love happened. Day after day her owner literally carried her to the park. Calming the fears, reassuring her that all was well.

As the tale was told of this animal, my mind went to myself and then to everyone I know- the whole human race actually. The story was pure classic life as we know it. We get scarred and beat up by the world around us, but someone reaches out to us and shows a touch of kindness. Through love and support we venture to unknowns- scared of course, but willing to risk because of the support we have around us. Upon reaching our destination, we realize the trip was worth the fear.

In the case of this dog’s tale- she found that the park, a place of room to run and play without the roar of traffic in the midst of a cramped city was worth the trip.


Little one in Manhattan.

dog in pocket book

Don't overlook the one in the purse! I did until her owner pointed her out.

Isn’t that the same for us? Conquering the fears that hold us back is scary, but overcoming them is wonderful.








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