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LOVE to the Whole World

There are so many things screwed up in the world- so much hate… However, we have a chance right here to saturate our piece of the world with love. Single, married, young, old, any color of the rainbow, any religion, ANY one and EVERY one let’s make tomorrow about LOVE. heart-6_l

LOVE of the WHOLE big planet on which we live and everyone on it; those you know and don’t know. Can we just bathe the whole shebang in a big dose of LOVE?

post it, message it, tweet it, like it, share it, insta-it… send it out from the time your eyes open in the morning until you close them at night just radiate PURE LOVE for the whole dang place and all its people.

Anyone with me?
And why not start right now? It’s the 14th somewhere…

| love, love yourself, teaching | February 13, 2015

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Wynn Godbold is a certified John Maxwell Team Leadership trainer, speaker, and coach.

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