It’s Never too Late to Build Relationships

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It’s Never too Late to Build Relationships

Me and my family.

I was in Washington, DC not too long ago enjoying time with my brothers, sister, and sisters-in-law. Growing up as the baby in a family of 5 children put several  years between myself and my older siblings; over a decade actually. As young people the age difference created quite a gap. Just figure I was 5, 6, 7… when my eldest brothers were enjoying the crazy times of teenage-hood.

There’s a huge chasm between kindergarten and junior/senior prom.

Back in the day, we lived in two different worlds. But, you know as we’ve aged the chasm narrowed. Now we’ve all crossed over some of the big traditions and experienced the rights of passage.

Continued education, marriage, divorce, children, death… we are all over 40 and can share the joys of our maturity together.

So recently, we had this really cool experience. All five of us actually spent a weekend together. I can’t think of another time we’ve done this; at least within the last decade.

We did some “touristy” activities, but the best of our time was spent just being

Best breakfast ever. Made by my sister-in-law! Not shown in photo: eggs- divinely prepared

together. Usually over a meal (that’s how we roll- yum yum) talking, sharing, getting to know one another.

At times in my early life I felt as if I didn’t really know my brothers and sister, but now that time and age have chipped away at the vast differences that a decade produces when you are young, I am excited to really get to know my siblings and share in their lives.

Believe me when I say, “It’s never too late to build relationships-” except if  you allow the finality of death to creep in before you reach out. So if  you’re wishing you had a relationship with someone in your family, take a step. Jump out there and start building. It’s never too late to build- but there’s also no reason to wait!

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About the author

Wynn Godbold is an inspired educator who stretches herself and those around her to new heights. Her work as a speaker, trainer, and administrative coach carries her across the United States where she spreads her message of inspiring teachers to reach children with authenticity, joy, and success. Her teacher retreats are known to empower teachers to love their lives. Teachers world-wide experience personal growth through the products and packages she offers on line. In June of 2012, Wynn kick started the International Academy of Bee Sharp Teachers. Wynn is Nationally Board Certified in Reading and the Language Arts. She has certifications in Education Administration, Elementary and Early Childhood Education. In addition to running Bee Sharp, she consults for the McGraw Hill Education Group and serves on the Educational Team at Page Turner Adventures. Wynn lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with her husband, two sons, and the family dog, JR.

6 Responses to "It’s Never too Late to Build Relationships"
  • Francis Archibald April 29, 2011

    Sounds like a great occasion. If you have a print of the picture of the five of you I would like to have one.
    I am proud of all of you.

  • Nancey H. Trowbridge April 30, 2011


    That was a lovely comment on family and growing up. You have a very special family. Only regret was I couldn’t find a place on the screen to forward it.


    • Facundo May 8, 2014

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  • Clara Lombardi May 6, 2011

    How great that you spent a whole weekend together! As I read this, I realized I had done a reaching-out thing recently too. I have family in Italy. When I was 19, I met a lot of them there, and there was one cousin who I particularly resonated with. She was several years older and had a young daughter, and was really more in touch with my mom at the time. So when I got back, I’d hear news through my mom. They haven’t been in touch for awhile though, and it occurred to me that I could I could be the one being in touch! So I sent a letter, and included my email. And just a couple weeks ago, I got a note back. Now I’m also Facebook friends with her daughter, who is all grown up, of course, with a daughter of her own! You’re so right, Wynn, it’s never to late to build!

  • wynn godbold
    wynn godbold May 7, 2011

    So glad you reached out! Gave me chills.

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