Tired of Feeling Overwhelmed with Teaching?

This book will help.

How to be a great teacher


In this book, you’ll learn exactly what it takes to transform from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated to teaching with joy according to your personal beliefs about what is right for children.

“A great teacher is like a fountain; she draws from the still deep waters of personal growth and professional knowledge to serve others from her abundant overflow.” Wynn Godbold

What would you pay to have more joy and success in teaching? To feel confident every day? To feel your passion overflow to your students instead of slogging through test prep?

$100? $500? A Million Dollars?

Great News! You get it all in this book: joy, success, confidence, overflowing passion… and more… All for a $12.97 investment in yourself.
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The back cover:
“Teaching can light up your life and fill your heart and soul. Sadly, it probably doesn’t. With so many factors contributing to burnout in teachers, it’s amazing that we have any teachers at all! Turn this around. Plug into your belief system. Resume peace and joy in your teaching and your life. Take the necessary steps and let this book guide you along your personal path to teaching and living with authenticity, joy and success.”

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“This book was helpful to me this, my fifth, year teaching; and I can easily see how it would be helpful for a first year teacher – I wish I had had something like this to read my first year. It is very encouraging and teaches teachers how to be in control of their own lives, regardless of how many (meaningless, overwhelming, time-consuming, endless paperwork, etc) mandates rain down on us teachers. Ms. Godbold writes in a soothing tone that shows teachers EXACTLY how to be in control of their own teaching and their own lives. She is careful, too, to say that this is no easy change or fix – such a thing does not exist. But she gives the stepping stones for how to be the great teacher that we were called to be!As I read “How to Be a Great Teacher,” I took notes and ACTIVELY read. I realized that I am not alone in the overwhelming stress I feel at times. I also learned how to deal with that in a positive way that will help me grow as a teacher. Loved it and giving a copy to my new-teacher friend!”

C. Hathcock

“Ms Godbold delivers amazing strategies for teachers who are passionate about their calling but dealing with constant overwhelm and frustration. It is an inspiring book filled with tools to create balance and bring joy back into the profession.”

Cindy Ashton, Beyond Singing

“I have been a teacher for 14 years and up until last year I have always loved my job. Two years ago New York State adopted common core. Common core sucked all of the joy out of my teaching. This year was the first year that I have dreaded going back to school after the summer. Within the first week of returning I had two students cry and I felt like joining in. Needless to say I was in desperate need of this book.

I loved this book and found that it was meaningful and offered real strategies to help me. It is clear that the author really knows what she is talking about. She has been in the classroom and understands the struggle that teachers face. I feel like so often I am at workshops and seminars designed to help teachers improve and all they do is tell us what we are doing wrong and not what to do to help us improve. This book offered insight into my teaching and really helped me look at what I need to do to become a better teacher. I loved the author’s examples. She wants teachers to be fountain teachers and not candle teachers. She made me look inside of myself and really look at my goals of teaching. Honestly, things I have not thought of since I got a job. The author also used humor which I really appreciated. She also offers follow up professional development at her website which I am excited about checking out. This book is easy to follow. It is a book that I will continually go back to. Each chapter starts with an insightful quote. The book is not overwhelming but very easy to follow. This is an amazing resource for any educator. I feel truly blessed and lucky to have this book and it has helped me take my first steps to becoming that fountain teacher that I know I am.”

Monica, Teacher

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