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Teaching Tip for the Soul

_I-am-so-grateful-that-I-will-recognize-smallNightly reflection will change your classroom.

When you lay down to sleep each night review three things that went well at school. Then set an intention to recognize three positive impacts you have on students the next day as they occur. As you make this part of your daily practice, you will become more clearly tuned in to the moments in real time. This will make each day more fulfilling and less draining.

Small bits of conscious positive recognition throughout the day help keep your fountain filled up to overflow.

In turn, the nightly reflection becomes easier because you were aware of them as they unfolded. This creates a cycle of positive flow that is deliciously refreshing.

Skeptical? Try it and let me know how it goes.

I’d love for you to reflect on this practice in the comments space below.


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Wynn Godbold is a certified John Maxwell Team Leadership trainer, speaker, and coach.

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