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Wynn’s law…

You will Encounter the Hill at the Precise Moment You Begin to Jog.

Yes friends, more Couch 2 5K news here. The camera shot is of a portion of the path I ran while in Maine. No need be overly jealous. The beauty of MaineI agree it is a beautiful site, but the weather was cold and rainy. The terrain just prior to the pictured area: hilly. Major hill.

I won’t lie to ya. I barely made it up the hill. I tried to call what I did “jogging,” but it was sort of a high knee, arms flapping walk/jog hybrid. U-G-L-Y, but done. In this game of getting my bum off the couch and on the way to running a 5K not too many things are pretty. The true goal is checking the box of done.

Since that day, I  have actually returned to the track at home and “bested” myself. Now that’s something to smile about. This week my trainer, Constance- she’s the gal on the C25K app on my phone, really bumped the workout up a notch. I ended up running 1.41 miles. I can’t believe it. Four weeks ago I couldn’t run to the mail box and back (it’s only 10 yards away from my front door). That’s pathetic eh?

Well, not anymore! This girl is up and out. I’ll admit I am going to avoid hills and running in the elements. I am not at the place yet where I can enjoy the elements of nature while trying to jog. I still need to focus intently on the act of putting one foot in front of the other.

But let’s celebrate the success instead of wallering in the things I can’t do. And by the way, what about you? Are you up and moving on a regular basis? Let’s hear it. Leave a comment below. Then we can celebrate together.


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Wynn Godbold is an inspired educator who stretches herself and those around her to new heights. Her work as a speaker, trainer, and administrative coach carries her across the United States where she spreads her message of inspiring teachers to reach children with authenticity, joy, and success. Her teacher retreats are known to empower teachers to love their lives. Teachers world-wide experience personal growth through the products and packages she offers on line. In June of 2012, Wynn kick started the International Academy of Bee Sharp Teachers. Wynn is Nationally Board Certified in Reading and the Language Arts. She has certifications in Education Administration, Elementary and Early Childhood Education. In addition to running Bee Sharp, she consults for the McGraw Hill Education Group and serves on the Educational Team at Page Turner Adventures. Wynn lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with her husband, two sons, and the family dog, JR.

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  • Dad July 3, 2013

    Tree climbing is becoming the new fad for exercise. Adherents say you exercise more muscles than in any similar exercise. Only trouble is one should not be climbing trees alone or at all past a certain age. I believe I have passed that age. Your runs are good I am walking 2.4 mi per day in 39-43 mins. Keep up the good work while on the road but only where you find it safe.
    Happy 4th of July!
    Love U

    • Wynn
      Wynn July 3, 2013

      I think I’ll leave the tree climbing to those younger than I and glad to see you’ve taken yourself out of the loop on that one as well!

      Way to go on the walking!

      I shall be safe on the road and happiest on the track near home 🙂

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