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Who Did? This Girl!

Week 5 Day 1

Who knew? Tomorrow I will be 1/2 way through my Couch to 5K program.

This thing is no easy feat, but I have great support. I can not say enough about that. Family and friends are really stepping up with the right words of encouragement and amount of amazement. Yes, it is truly AMAZING and wait ’till you hear this one.

Today I jogged three sets of 5 minutes each. You read that correctly folks.

Who did?!  Wynn's legs

This girl.

Five weeks ago it was doubtful that I could run 50 feet to our mailbox. My jogging time today totaled 1.23 miles.

This app makes it do-able. It is working for this chick (mind you jogging ugly with 30 extra pounds) and it will work for YOU! It is never too late. Click here for the app: http://www.active.com/mobile/c25k

Grab your shoes and join me.

See those legs over there? They jogged up a mini hill in my neighborhood tonight and at the top supported me in my Rocky Balboa celebration (clarification: mini-hill… about the size of a mole hill). I was instantly transported to Philly to the top of “the steps.”

That’s what it’s all about folks: celebrating that today you did something you didn’t do yesterday. Knowing that tomorrow you’ll do more.

How ’bout it? Gonna join me?

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