“You got to mix it up somehow, Mom.”

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“You got to mix it up somehow, Mom.”

Being Mom to a 17 year old is, well, unpredictable. Not only does Matthew do and say things that surprise me, but the emotions that are stirred in me by the simple things he does surprise me also. Take for example our recent trip to the tuxedo shop.

It is prom time in Myrtle Beach and my son is a junior in high school. He dates one girl steady. I like her very well. She’s outgoing, helpful, and best of all- not afraid to eat with us. Don’t get me wrong. She is not a heavy girl. She is simply comfortable eating with the family.

Back to prom… Mallory, Matthew’s girlfriend, invited me to see her dress some time ago. It is very beautiful, but I can’t tell more because she does not want Matthew to know what it looks like. (This is a small world you know- one of you might see, call, text, im, or twitter the secret to him.)

At any rate, having seen the dress I knew Matthew needed a basic black and white tux- easy enough right? NOT! I’ve never ordered a tux before. My groom only wore a suit at our wedding for Pete’s sake. Oh the choices. I tried to explain to the clerk that we needed help. I’m not sure she realized how much help until we gave her the tell tale blank stare as our response to her first question.

After the “duh” set in, she doubled back and said, “Let’s start at the beginning.” We made it through the decisions: jacket, buttons, tie, vest, pants, suspenders… on and on we said, “yes and no” appropriately. All the while she nodded approval or hesitated just long enough for us to take her cue and change our minds. This system worked well until… the shoes. The last decision. I thought by now we had this thing in the bag, but when the shoe page came Matthew hesitated and then pointed. He wanted the black and white shoes. I can not even begin to describe these shoes. My only hope at explaining them is to share what my 8 year old, Cooper, said, “Those are bowling shoes.” Oh my! But from Matthew came one respectful, serious statement: “You got to mix it up somehow, Mom.” Enough said.

OH the shoes!

If black and white shoes were going to be the “mixing it up” we were doing so be it. In the grand scheme of the 17 year old world- this was a mixin’ I could celebrate. After all, those black and white shoes won’t be any worse than the head-to-toe sunshine yellow tux his father wore in 1978.

Somebody get me a camera:)

| family | May 04, 2009

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