Our cat, Snickers, is “The Man”

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Our cat, Snickers, is “The Man”

Beware I tell you! The picture attached to this post is not for the faint of heart.

The boys around our house have dubbed our cat, Snickers, as “The Man.” They have woven an intricate story of his days as a Navy Seal/CIA operative

cat and rat

Agent "OOSnickers" and his "catch."

with battles and hidden tattoos. He has become quite a legend around our neighborhood. He is forever dressed in his black tuxedo which gives him a James Bond aura. He saunters around the yard finding places to lounge in the shade and will groom himself with precision regardless of who is watching.

While he is cautious about entering the house due to the 70 pound dog that is usually inside, he quickly rules the room with his look of disdain for the mongrel. He will meow with impatience to be fed and is not a fan of food that has been sitting out. He takes small meals throughout the day to keep his body in top physical shape- well, most of the time…

On occasions, such as the one depicted in the photo, he prefers a rather large meal of fresh animal meat. Eaten completely in one sitting, but only after showing off his catch.

Like any other wild hunter proud of his accomplishments, Snickers wants congratulations and accolades for his success on the hunt. So, he brings his dead prey to our door step to show off and win our approval.

Of course, it makes us sick and we cringe to see that he brought this dead rat to our welcome mat, but this is natural. Cats hunt and kill. One thing I can say in defense of Snickers is that he does eat his catch- in this case, head and tail included! There was not a morsel of this poor rat left. I don’t know what’s worse: knowing he ate every bit or cleaning up the occasional carcass he leaves behind.

On this particular night there were several young men at our home (there always are). When my husband opened the door to greet Snickers and discovered he was posing with his latest kill, Rett called all the boys out to have a look. As you can imagine, the stories began to fly.

Snickers, the ex-Navy Seal/CIA operative has done it again!

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  • Wynn
    Wynn August 14, 2011

    snickers is the man the kinda cat that drinks with the dos equis most interesting man in the world enough said love you snickers thank you for keeping our house safe all these years matthew

  • Cole August 15, 2011

    That rat was probably smuggling illegal aliens and Snickers had to lay down the paw

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