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I’ll confess. I’m a 43 year old woman who wanted to see the Katy Perry movie.  Yep- I said it. It was my choice to see the movie.

So many songs. By the end of the movie, I felt as if I had actually attended one of her concerts. Which is fine by me because I happen to like her music. Well, actually there was that one song. Her first to debut under the Capitol label “I kissed a girl.” Sorry, never quite got into that one, but it’s only one of a growing plethora therefore, not a deal breaker. There’s always a song of two from any artist that I’m not fond of.

Me in my $3 3D glasses from the Katy Perry movie.

Back to the movie. After paying the $3 surcharge for our 3D glasses– which, by the way, I don’t recycle. I mean, seriously, I paid $3 for each pair. If I want to pop the lenses out and wear the frames … as far as I’m concerned they’re mine. When the movie theater starts offering me the option of buying “used” 3D glasses for .75 instead of $3 then I’ll recycle the used ones. Until then, the $3 jewels are MINE!

Again, I digress.

I seriously enjoyed the movie. I had no idea of her story going in. Heck, I thought she was a young child. Come to find out she’s approaching 30. Who knew?!

I was intrigued by her Pentecostal upbringing. I was in awe of her natural beauty. I was sorry for her heartbreak and divorce. I, being a woman in my 40’s, saw that shizzle getting ready to hit the fan though. She was doing all that crazy traveling back and forth to see him and he was not reciprocating.

Uh- look out! That’s breakup spelled: s-e-l-f-i-s-h on HIS part. Okay- I only saw her side of it, but that’s how the story played.

Admittedly, I cried when the tweets from her adoring fans were coming at me in 3D. But of all the messages in the story, of all the ups and downs and the journey from childhood until super fame (May I add, being one of only two artists to have 5, count them, 5 singles go number one from one album? Uh yea, Michael Jackson is the other artist in this category.) but within all of this information about her life that was shared the one thing I really LOVED about this chick was her determination to BE HERSELF.

The movie made quite clear that Katy wanted to be “the first Katy Perry” and not “the next” anyone. For this, I salute her! Way to go. Be yourself. Share your voice. Don’t try to be anyone else- there’s already someone who does that better than you. But there is no one in the world who can be YOU better than YOU.

And that, my friends, you can take to the bank.

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