Must you be forced to change?

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Must you be forced to change?

My son’s keys, identification, and phone were stolen. Call us paranoid or say we’re very responsible. It doesn’t matter to me. The truth is I called the locksmith to change our home locks. lock and key

As long as we’re talking truth, I should disclose that we really needed to change the locks a long time ago. Our bottom lock never did seem to really “catch.” We have been known to come home to the door wide open. Not the highest level of security around here- until now. The locksmith is here. He’s already identified the issues and is on his way to shaping up our homeland security.

Made me think, we have been sort of “forced” to make this change/improvement, but things are going to be much better when this job is done. Peace of mind will be ours.

This is much bigger than our locks. Can you already see where this whole thing is going? It’s so clear to me. Let me spell it out.

Often we have things in our life that need to change. We know it and we ignore it; even when we come home and find the door wide open. We simply close up the issue and move on; as if it will change on its own. It won’t. Change requires an action on your part. I had to call the locksmith and pay the man. You’ll have to take an action also. I encourage you to take that action NOW- before you have to pay with something more valuable than money.

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