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Just How Long is 25 Minutes?

Too damn long!

Week 6 Day 3 of the Couch to 5K program required me to jog for 25 full minutes. I did not know that was coming.  Two workouts ago I jogged 20 minutes. My last workout was two 10-minute segments broken apart by a three minute walk.

When I walked out the door today I asked myself, “Gee wonder how they’ll split it up today?”

BAM! That’s when I saw it 25 minutes, flat out. No breaks. No walking in between. Warm up and haul a$$.

Train of thought:  Get it Done timer

  • ouch-you’ll loosen up in a minute
  • that hip pain will pass
  • oh Lord help
  • why can’t I go faster
  • I’ll never make it
  • you will not quit
  • only five songs and it will be close to over
  • you can do this
  • damn that car was going fast
  • you will not quit
  • finally- the 1/2 way mark
  • just two more songs
  • you will not quit with less than 1/2 to go
  • legs keep moving
  • I will not quit
  • one more song
  • you will not quit with one song to go
  • at the curve of the road you can look at the timer
  • you will not quit 
  • if the song ends you can look at the timer
  • you will not quit
  • ah the corner, quick get the timer
  • WTF? 34 minutes to go?

… scramble with the timer

  • oh praise God, fixed it
  • YES! cool down

And the cool down began.

So not to be confronted with another day of a 25 minute surprise, I checked the program for what happens tomorrow. Holy Crap! That’s when I saw it- from here forward- every dang day– 25 minute jog. Well, until it moves up to 28 solid minutes and then 30 solid minutes. 

What was I thinking?

The one consolation I have found is the little note my virtual trainer, Constance, left for me. She wrote, “You got over the Week 6 hump. It gets easier and easier from here!”

Do you believe that?

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Wynn Godbold is an inspired educator who stretches herself and those around her to new heights. Her work as a speaker, trainer, and administrative coach carries her across the United States where she spreads her message of inspiring teachers to reach children with authenticity, joy, and success. Her teacher retreats are known to empower teachers to love their lives. Teachers world-wide experience personal growth through the products and packages she offers on line. In June of 2012, Wynn kick started the International Academy of Bee Sharp Teachers. Wynn is Nationally Board Certified in Reading and the Language Arts. She has certifications in Education Administration, Elementary and Early Childhood Education. In addition to running Bee Sharp, she consults for the McGraw Hill Education Group and serves on the Educational Team at Page Turner Adventures. Wynn lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with her husband, two sons, and the family dog, JR.

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