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Check in with Yourself for Continued Classroom Success

By now, even then craziness of Halloween is behind you. Big smiles everybody. You have survived. Kudos. October is a thing of the past. November has started, but empowered, authentic, joyful, and successful teachers do NOT slide right into November without thought. To support you in a smooth and thoughtful transition today’s Zap of Wynn

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Celebrating Birthdays

Do you look forward to your birthday? Do you wish it would just slide by? Well around here there’s a birthday about every other week. My husband and I are each one of five children. Several of our siblings are married and have a few kids. There are even grand babies beginning to roll in.

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Memorial Day

Today we formally remember all military men and women who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom.  But today is not the only day when I am grateful for all who have served and will serve  in our military. I daily say a word of gratitude for men and women in uniform and their families. My freedom,

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