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Substitute Creacher by Chris Gall

Every child’s life will contain a day or two when a substitute teacher shows up in his/her classroom. For the children of Ms. Jenkins’s class, this happened in October. But the substitute that arrived was a creacher- nonetheless, a teacher of many lessons.

In Chris Gall’s twist on the substitute that comes to school, kids are introduced to a large green creacher dressed in a brown suit complete with bow tie. He has many tentacles, one large eye in the center of his face, and several smaller ones in the back of his head. He is however, not scary. He is indeed somehow inviting.

Three elements of this book made it enjoyable for me and my 11 year old son. The first was the author’s use of rhyme. I delight in rhyming books, especially for children who struggle to read. The predictability of rhyme works for these kids. It is enjoyable and helpful.

The second of the elements that made this a great read for us was actually the pictures. About half way through the book, my son spontaneously reported, “I love the pictures in this book. They are so big, bright and bold.” I totally agreed and interestingly enough was coming to the same realization right about the time my son made his proclamation.

The third element that appealed to me in this story was the twist on the theme that occurs at the end. I can’t tell you the details as that would spoil it for you! Just recognize that you’ll be delighted with the unexpected.

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